Custom Die-Cut Vinyl Stickers

Need Custom / Special Shape Die Cut Vinyl Stickers?
Please read the following information to help you get a better understanding of what it takes to get special shape die cut stickers made:

We can get custom dies for special shapes - the cost for the die is based on the actual size of the shape and how complex the shape. The more complex the shape of the image the more it will cost to produce the die. The cost to produce the die is a one time charge and could be as little as $100 or lower for simple shapes. Though die could be up to $300 (or more) for complex images like this sample.

The cost to get the vinyl sheets die cut with the new custom die is a separate charge and the cost to print the stickers themselves still needs to be added into the job.

All of this adds up pretty quick towards the cost of doing the job, so you may want to consider Clear Vinyl stickers instead. Clear Vinyl stickers makes a good "Poor Man's Die Cut" and it generally is much cheaper and affordable, especially for lower quantities like 1000 stickers.

Getting a quote:

We would need to see the exact shape at the size it is supposed to be made, as well as the quantity of vinyl stickers to be printed, number of ink colors and your zip code to give you a quote.  E-mail this info to sales@contagiousgraphics.com.

Here's a run down on how the quote process works:

Once we can see the shape at the final print size, we'll fax over a print out to our die maker as it would be laid out for our sheet size and he'll get us a quote for the cost of the die. Then based on the number of ink colors to printed on white vinyl and the quantity of stickers (or multiple quantities to compare price) we will give you a quote.

Also to give you an idea as to how this would work if we were to do a custom shape die cut sticker job, we would:

First: Get the die made from the die maker.

Second: Once the die is here at Contagious we send enough vinyl sheets needed to print the order and the die to another outside vendor to have the sheets "kiss cut" with the shape. Kiss cut means that the vinyl would be cut with the die shape, but not the backing. If the die cut all the way through then the cutting machinery would chomp up all the stickers as pieces would fall into it.

Third: Once all the sheets are kiss cut we get them back to our shop and print the order. Since all the sheets are kiss cut with the shape we are able to easily line up the image on the films to the sheets. After the order is all printed we cut down the sheets to individual stickers into stacks over 250 or so and ship out the order.

Turnaround for a Custom Shape Die Cut order is 15 working days (3 weeks time) plus shipping transit to your location.
The extra week is needed for the die to be produced.