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The best way to get a quote or to place an order for custom women's underwear is to use the form below. This will help let us know the details needed to give you a quote: the quantity, color, style, and the number of ink colors to be printed, in each print location.

This is Step 1 (of 2 steps). After submitting your contact info and quote details with the form below, you will be taken to Step 2 to upload your artwork files (if you are ready to submit artwork).

We will need to view and approve artwork before an order can be accepted / processed.
Artwork formats that we accept and specifications for apparel printing can be found here.

If you are unsure about whether your artwork files are set up correctly for screen printed apparel items, we offer a FREE Artwork Verification to check your artwork before placing an order.

We do not sell or give away any of the information provided below to anyone.

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For orders or quotes for multiple designs, please fill out the order form again to send separate requests.


If you have another quantity not listed please include that info in the "Additional Comments or Questions" section below.

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(example: 12 quantity: 5.6oz 100% cotton shirts + 12 quantity: Ringer T-Shirt 6.1oz).

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  EXAMPLE of how to name your file: Ublisch.FlamingSkull.tiff or Ublisch.NuallaLogo.ai

  PLEASE DO NOT name your file something vague like sticker.jpg, sticker.psd, scan.jpeg, etc.

  TIP! You must name / rename your artwork file on your computer to the above naming format before
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  If no artwork is available for this request, please put "Not at this time"

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